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10 October 2010 @ 10:14 pm

i've neglected my comm so much lately, sorry (well guess it doesn't matter to you but whatever)
because i kinda feel like making graphics so i decided to take some requests : D
because my last request thingy was such a failure i'm trying to make this a little easier for myself haha.

1) only screencaps this time, please!
2) basically any fandom is fine but i prefer not to icon animated stuff. of course i like to icon things i like myself but you can SURPRISE me!
3) it would be kind of cool if you spammed me caps that are interesting~~ maybe something with interesting/weird/great lightning, crop, colors.. it's up to you, i want to challenge myself as an icon maker. well this isn't necessary, "ordinary" caps are just fine too.
4) this is basically unlimited when it comes to number of pictures AND users who request (so no need to save spots or anything). the point is that i won't use all of those pictures, i'll just pick those which make me go like: OMG I WANT TO ICON THAT PICTURE. (well not really)
5) i hope someone notices this and requests because otherwise i'm going to be sad >:

6) whoo a sneak peak for next batch :D

i'm mostly likely gonna do some changes in this comm, i just don't know what. i feel like it would be nice to post in a comm with more makers.. BUT I DON'T KNOW. but for such thing as that i'd like to create a brand new community.. 
11 August 2010 @ 01:50 pm


this comm is dying D-:
a very small batch this time.
well the main reson for this batch was the iconwhoa_awards anyway

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07 July 2010 @ 08:28 pm
i haven't updated in ages D:
this is a small update because i haven't had time to photoshop and i won't have time to photoshop so i decided to post these now.

mainly just doctor who anyway.
and challenge entries wohoo.

there's poison in the airCollapse )

comments are nice/credit isn't required/enjoy!
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